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Hello comic book geeks! My name is Aiyanna, and I’m here to show the world my process of creating comic books! I am not yet a famous published manga artist as I wish to be,but with time practice,and patience,my goal will be achieved!

Who are You ?Why should I care?

Well, if you must ask, I am a young artist striving to become a mangaka (japanese cartoon/manga artist) and to be able to have my books published and enjoyed my comic book lovers. At the moment, I am working on a manga that I plan on getting published one day. Every day I’m designing my characters and sketching different poses to make my work look as professional as possible.

Why do you have a Blog?What is your purpose!?!

Well, the reason I choose to create a blog is to show the world that creating a comic book  can be a struggle. Being a mangaka will take time and drawing skills . I choose to show viewers my process of creating artwork.I wish to show viewers’ that the job is a barrel of fun ,but can also be an exciting  challenge. What is my purpose? Well, I am here to show the world my process of creating my future MASTERPIECE.  I want to show viewers that being a striving manga will take  PATIENCE  AND PRACTICE. I believe that if I expose my patience and hard work ,that one day I’ll be recognized.


Rosaline is one of the main characters of my manga ,The Broken Woman. It is the story ,a young women is trapped by the guilt of killing her sister and over time falls into depression and insanity. She tries to fight back the thoughts that overthrow her mind , but she has to stay in reality and fight back her conciseness.c69a6168accb695372137963c9437a7f

Though Rosaline is not the main character, more of a side character, she does fit in with the main plot of fighting back fears, hiding guilt, and running away from your conciseness. In my manga, Rosaline has to fight back her thoughts and face her fears and free her self from her evil consciences. In the story , Rosaline  believed she was haunted by the spirit of Valentina and suffers her pain in return of killing her. Rosaline is falling down the same path as Valentina once lived and tries to stop her mind  from falling into Valentina’s trap. 

My manga pages

I am proud to announce that my I have created my comic pages for my manga. So far I have made three pages of the manga, and all turned out nicely. I took a day to create two manga pages,and the day after , I made the third page. The photo below is the first page of mt horror manga.comic1

Each plan minutes took a total of twenty minutes so far . The final outcome of all the pages were worth the time and patience.comic2

The seconde page however took many hours to draw. I put a look of work into showing the characters expressions and the details of the background.


The third page took two days to create. Though it is unfinished ,I’m still proud of the page . The panel in the bottom left corner, was tricky to draw. I wanted the main character to show pure fear ,as she woke up drenched in sweat because of her nightmare.



Land of the Rising Sun

Streets that light up in the night with color , new and different  fashion trends ,fun restaurants ,are all the reasons of why I wish to live in Tokyo, Japan. The fact that turning every corner in Tokyo  to find manga, costume, and fabric  shops. I would be the happiest girl in the world to have a chance to publish my manga in popular magazine companies.




Well the obvious reason of traveling to Japan is to free my manga-loving demon from its chain, and buy out all the comics in sight. They have so many  MANGAS’. I could discover poplar  manga companies that could support my dream of becoming a manga author/artist. Another reason, is  to geek-out in the sight popular comic books .


The fashion shops

Though I do enjoy reading and creating comic books, part of me holds a dark secret of loving new and exciting  fashion trends. You may call me a “Fashion Freak”, which is mostly true, but my heart can’t resist the bright colorful clothes, the extravagantly designed shoes, popular hairstyle trends  in Tokyo. I love seeing different trends in different countries, it makes me see more of the world and how everyone has their own unique style to show off. 


I am in love with these cut platform boot :3


I love the art of cosplaying , dressing up as your favorite cartoon character in the streets of every day Tokyo, Japan is a fun style to see. It’s kind of like every-day-Halloween, but in Japan, It is an everyday occurrence. Seeing people express their characters through fashion is a fun idea that I would love to try.

The girls’ are dressed as the anime characters at the bottom. By the way, the girl in the blue wig is making me laugh, her face expression is priceless  XD.


I love the bright and colorful wigs that people wear when cosplaying, but wigs can be worn any time and any day . So you don’t have to be a cosplayer to wear bright vibrant wigs. :3

These shoes are so cute  :3

How I get inspration to draw :3

Traditional Japanese art

Because of the thin,sharp lines of ancient art,it inspires me to draw and create my own unique style. Look at the picture below,notice the colors and the thin lines used. I love how the art  is based from life and showed the lives to the people of the past.



I’m a geek for traditional kimonos. I love the detailed designs on the fabrics and the way the fabric folds on the body of the wearer. I try drawing from real life people wearing the brightly colored gowns to add to my characters. The designs on the fabrics give me ideas to create my own design on kimono,to fit the personality of my character


Listening to music

I love listening to music. No matter what genre, I’ll instantly fall in love with a song. In my mind,when I listen to music,the rhyme   of the song paints a picture in my head. When I listen to calm and peaceful music,I think of dancing on the clouds. When I listen to hard-core metal music, I think of horror scenes for my comic books.Many of my story ideas came from just sitting back and listening to music.161369-anime-and-manga-anime-girl-listening-to-music

Looking at photos from life

I enjoy everything about nature. I love trees,flowers,and looking at my neighborhood houses. I love the why the clouds float in the sky. Looking at my surroundings can also help expand my knowledge of drawing from life . Drawing the clouds in the sky,the roses in the garden,or even drawing the people who pass by.


I love cherry blossom trees :3

A comicbook that I made.


The photo above is an original comic book that I created on my own. I wanna point out my own mistakes to show WHAT NOT TO DO when creating a comic book.

sorry it’s upside down >.<

Take a look at the cover design, it is badly colored. I used cheap sharpie markers  to decorate the colors are out-of-place and too bright. Notice how skinny the book looks…thats because I made the book myself.I used a book making method called”perfect binding”.I made the cover from big sheets of cheap paper.The pages were made from copy paper..ew.maxresdefaultThe book turned out like crap because I didn’t write a script for my comic book,so I didn’t know how many panels and pages I need.I’d run out of pages or I’d have to many pages. The panels were never inked..and I didn’t create  rough drafts..I didnt sketch out a plan for my characters.f5c44f0ac85d9856fca6c91aac524f26

Please do not make a same mistakes as I did >.< . Take your time and follow these helpful tips. :3

  • before your even think of drawing your panels,you had better write a script.I’ll make it more organized ,and then you can later go back and change the things you don’t like.

    This is the journal that I’m currently writing my script in. :3
  • Have a page of your characters to look back on and copy ,This will keep your character looking consistent threw out the story

  • Make a rough draft/thumbnail of your  comic book panels. It doesn’t have to be neat,it’s just an idea of want you wish for your panels to look like.

    Example of a thumbnail :3
  • Make a page with info about your character,it could also have their back story.

  • Take your time when writing a comic book,it’s not the end of the world . :3

    These are short,but helpful tips that I’m using to expand my knowledge of creating mangas/comic books. :3

How to draw your charcther’s (Part 2) body/face :3


This is an unfinished drawing of my manga character,Valentina. Does she look SCARY? Well I designed her to look threatening . Notice her sly smile, and long black hair coming towards the audience. Her eyes are dark and soulless. I wanted her personality to show ,just by looking upon her. The sly smile shows that she can’t be trusted,obviously,the dark gloomy eyes hidden behind the curtain of hair,makes her look mysterious.She was a beautiful woman,when she was alive,and I should her beauty by drawing her with smooth skin and big skinny eyes. Before that, I had to draw her body using guidelines.a5433c12879489e2f7c3e40543253b97

The above shows an example of a guide line that I choose to sketch my characters from. I start off sketching the bodies,then adding on the features of my characters.d57ba5bfdbce98b42a17b4197d0806a4

This is one drawing that I created  by using the previous guideline pose. I simply sketched the body and later  began drawing the clothes for Valentina.  It’ll take some practice for me to draw body proportions,but I have time and patience. :3



Before drawing your characters face,practice drawing anime expressions to fit with your characters personalities. For example:

  • One character may have a happy-go-lucky personality,so practice drawing smiling /cheerful expression
  • You may have a sly,and sneaky character,that sneers and has a crooked smile. 
  • With practice,drawing faces will become easier. :3